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Guy Shooting The Sun Meme

However, since the Moon Man has commonplace and non-racist beginnings, and because Mac Tonight imagery is still employed by individuals who are not white supremacists, it is important to analyze a Moon Man picture purely in context before deciding its relationship with white supremacy. A version of the meme that lacks racist or white supremacist features should not be interpreted as having such a connotation.

On the same day, Redditor kyak submitted a photoshopped version of the picture in which the gun is replaced with a water pistol on the /r/dankmemes subreddit. The description on the pistol in the photograph reads, "me downvoting a post off the frontpage." In 24 hours, the post (seen below) earned almost 49,000 points (92 percent upvoted) and 390 comments.

So you're strolling down the street when you see the person in front of you is none other than Taylor Swift. So you steal a peek to confirm your suspicions, and then BAM! You've been photographed by the paparazzi. Not only that, but they've captured you looking really frightening. Which is unfortunate since you are not a weird man. However, it is too late. The harm has been done, and you've become the next victim of Reddit's army of Photoshop Battlers. Hello and welcome to the current day. We apologize to whomever you are, sir. But you have to admit that it's sort of amusing. Do you believe you can do better? Then feel free to add to the list, and remember to vote for your favorite!

Shoop da whoop is often heard in old YouTube Poops, and it helped Dragon Ball Z gain popularity. Except for Breaking the bank, it occurs in all of Henry Stickmin's games. Shoop da Whoop is mentioned on a level of the Roblox game "The Dropper," where a remix of Shoop da Whoop stating "IMMA FIRING MY LASER" plays. Know Your Meme also has information about Shoop do Whoop.

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