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Eli Manning Chiefs Meme

Odell Beckham Jr. continues to amaze, but the Giants continue to lose, so what's the point? He's off to maybe the best two-year start of any NFL wide receiver career, but it doesn't seem like the guys surrounding him, especially his suddenly back-to-bad-form quarterback, can stay up. Tom Coughlin is one of the league's more erratic head coaches, working for one of the league's most patient and steady companies. However, he is doing a poor job of making the most of his players this season, which might mean that this is his last season in New York.

When cameras record Daniel Jones and Eli Manning together, it's fuel for social media.

They used to look like twins. There was a picture of Jones being surrounded at his locker while Manning was alone. And when the rookie won his first NFL game in September, Manning was there to congratulate him.

Former NFL quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning have recently made news for their hit ESPN program, Manning Cast, which airs on Monday Night Football. Furthermore, the Manning brothers have been a constant presence in television ads. Peyton delightfully blasted Eli for the Super Bowl helmet catch featuring former New York Giants wide receiver David Tyree in the newest ad starring the two former quarterbacks. Peyton Manning tells Eli in a new Caesars ad that he would have hit David Tyree in the numbers to avoid a helmet catch situation. https://t.co/ZViWHzSfUD Broncos Wire (@TheBroncosWire) 12/18/2021

During the fourth quarter of the game, Eli Manning plainly needed to be taught in that respect. With the Cowboys comfortably ahead and the game won, the Manning brothers and guest Chris Long reminisced about their playing days, with Eli recalling how angry Philadelphia fans were to him. He remembers a 9-year-old youngster making a very unpleasant gesture, and then, after contemplating his choices for a beat, demonstrating such gesture for the observing public. "Are you sure you can blur that out?" Manning inquired after snubbing the whole nation.

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