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Don't Pray For Me Meme

We Are Not the Same is a slogan that gained traction on Twitter in the autumn of 2019. The tagline has appeared in memes that mock self-serving comparisons, such as "You pray for my fall, and I hope for your recovery. We are not interchangeable." The parodies often conclude with a self-deprecating punchline. Following a viral Gamer Joker meme uploaded in May 2021, the genre regained popularity in 2021 with satirical picture macros starring stars Giancarlo Esposito and Mads Mikkelsen.


The New York Post tweeted an item on March 2nd, 2020, about a female astronomy student who identified 17 new planets. On July 19, 2020, the message was shared by Twitter user @steroberrys quotation, who said, "he has to locate some bitches." In nine months, the tweet earned over 26,800 retweets and 238,000 likes (shown below).

However, some of my Ukrainian friends, who follow the same Jesus who directed his disciples to peace, have pursued a higher path.

Eight years ago, when the Maidan Square atrocity in Kyiv sparked conflict in the Donbas, a lady I'll call Elena (I've altered names to protect identities) fled to the safety of a neighboring country, where her husband had found employment.

My grandmother died on March 26, 2020. She was my idol, the most amazing person I had ever met. Brave, compassionate, and overflowing with love. She was 91 years old, yet she was still brilliant, full of life, and capable of smiling and telling the finest tales. She moved in with my family for the past nine months after a disagreement with my uncle, her son. We made certain that she got all she need and more. She enjoyed knitting and made everyone a sweater, stockings, and gloves. Even that day, she was cheerful, and nothing indicated it would end like way. She was in bed, conversing with my mother, when she abruptly came to a halt. Nothing worked, and the ambulance that arrived 10 minutes later only confirmed death. I am glad for the final few months I spent with her, since she knew she was loved and that she wasn't alone when the time came. I miss her terribly, and when I came across this poem, it seemed as though she was telling me so. It sounds just like something she'd say. It is painful, but it also provides some solace and closure.

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