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Brown Dust Tier List Reddit

Dragon Quest Tact Tier List C Tiers of Characters Bodkin Feather Tier C Angel Slime Tier C Tier C Buffalo Wing Clawcere Tier C Fightgeist Tier C Lips Tier C Tier C of Man O'War Minidemon Tier C Mandrake Mercenary Tier C Mud Mannequin Tier C Mummy Boy Tier C Mushroom Mage Tier C Salamander Fry Tier C Shadow Tier C

There are quite a few decent ones that you can acquire, but basically what youre going want to get is the Legendary Dominus Octo ones that cannot be bought with Ancient Coins. But its not all that easy, so heres the finest heroes that you might obtain from reroll: Lucius (is ideally if you get him, although it may be fairly challenging still, hes the greatest) (its preferably if you get him, but it could be quite tough still, hes the best)

Browndust / Brave Nine was a wonderful game. What drew me the most about this game was the characters that came with distinct, and very very well calculated skills. How to employ them, and what type of plans you may come up with these characters were unlimited. And Guild War was the be...

The defenders are mercenaries that can absorb a lot of damage and are great for safeguarding other members of the squad. They frequently have healing skills, which makes them incredibly essential in combat. Tier Brave Nine Mercenaries S Ludia, Seir, Ledakrad, Mamonir, Aaron, Lucius, Arkan, Lecliss, Granhildr, Zenith A Frederica, Gaius, Arwen, Astrid, Ayan, BDM N-0524, Acha, Antonio, Britain, Cecilia, Grosa, Horas, Iris, Denarisa,

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