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Black Guy Ready To Fight Meme

But Roberts had more to say: he wants to develop the event's popularity into a true gathering, even if it isn't just about assaulting Area 51. I want to make it kind of like a festival, Roberts told the same station. He indicated a desire to bring musicians ranging from EDM to indie rock and smaller bands together. I've had a number of people DM me on Facebook saying their bands want to perform there, which would be awesome, added Roberts. While the raid itself is a farce, it has taken on a life of its own and will live on in online mythology, if not on this world.

It's anyone's guess if season 11 will provide satisfactory solutions to the mytharc's most pressing problems. What we do know is that we'll meet a few new creatures and hear a few amusing quips from Mulder. Then there's the villainous Cigarette Smoking Man, who will almost certainly be up to his old shenanigans. The truth is still out there, as are plenty of memes celebrating the return of the show that got us all obsessed with aliens. VIDEO OF THE DAY ON CBR

9 Forever...And Ever...Ever...Wakanda

Chadwick Boseman knew he was signing on for a life-changing film when he agreed to play Black Panther, but he probably wasn't prepared for this meme-worthy side effect: having to chant "Wakanda Forever" every day for forever. While it may have begun as a game, on Day 10000, Chadwick seems to be We- Yes, I am exhausted. It's difficult to be King! It's a good thing the actor has a long time until Black Panther 2 reaches cinemas in 2022.

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