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Black And White Beads Clipart

Though some individuals have double on their neck, white represents purity and innocence. That signifies that even though they have the same hue on their necks, those folks have distinct callings. White also symbolizes integrity and kindness, particularly around the waist. The color red represents danger and blood. Individuals wearing red beads, particularly aggressive people, are more hazardous than one realizes. Fortunately, the majority of Sangomas do not use their vocation to curse innocent people.

A stunning Necklace with Black and White Onyx Beads is set with a stunning clasp in 14 Karat White Gold set with Old Mine Cut Diamonds, Emeralds, and Pearls. The mix of black and white onyx beads makes a bold statement. These beads are very stunning. The necklace includes a beautiful jewel-encrusted clasp that may be worn at the back of the neck or down the side. The clasp has a lovely old Edwardian pattern. It is set with Old Mine Cut Diamonds all throughout. Five square cut Emeralds are set in the middle. The clasp is adorned with four white pearls. Onyx beads feel luxurious around the neck. The statement clasp comes as a pleasant surprise. I adore this artwork. The necklace is 22.5 inches in length. The Onyx beads have a diameter of 11 mm. The clasp is 7/8" tall by 5/8" broad.

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