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Bethany Martin Snapchat Video Reddit

The younger teen later returned the medallion to officers, which was then handed to the man's next of kin, KSAT reported.

The pair were placed into custody on July 27, and both teenagers were charged with theft of a human corpse or grave, with Martin's bond set at $2,000. KSAT reported that she has since been released from jail.

The following day, detectives received footage from an anonymous source, which showed the two friends being more involved with the incident than previously believed, according to KSAT.

One video reportedly showed the man's body, while another featured Martin removing a necklace from the body. Police say she told them she removed the necklace because her friend said she liked it. After taking the pendant off the chain and giving it to her friend, Martin said she threw the chain in the grass. Her friend, who was not named and revealed she recorded the Snapchat, told police she put the pendant on her own chain because it "matched

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