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Bernie Mittens Memes Reddit

Sen. Bernie Sanders understands how to dress for chilly weather, and the world of social media fell in love with him right away. The spotlight was on President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, who were sworn in on Wednesday in the United States Capitol, but Sanders' mittens may have stolen some of their thunder.

Stone taunted Bernie before of the 2020 Wisconsin primary, allegedly surprised that he was still vying for the Democratic nomination four years after his last try. His admirers rushed to his defense, as they have done in the years since Hillary began her onslaught in 2016, but this meme gives Sanders the final laugh. 6 Edward and Bernie

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The warm mittens of Bernie Sanders grabbed the limelight during Biden's inaugural. Regarding those woolen mittens that u s. Why are jokes about Bernie Sanders' mittens taking over the internet? pictures by darian lusk of Stephen Maturen Getty jan. Here are the finest Bernie memes. Moderator of r politicalmemes officially speaking 12 hours ago stickied comment After being seen in a low-key parka and mul, the 79-year-old Vermont senator became the talk of social media. Please read the guidelines in the sidebar and, if it's bogus news, destroy it. The berniemittens community has 610 members.

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