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Beats By Dre White Logo

Stussy and Beats worked together to create a limited edition Beats Pill speaker. The Beats by Dr. Dre x Stussy Pill + Speaker is inspired by Beats' distinctive pill speaker, which incorporates skull and crossbones across the front half of the speaker. The pill is entirely black and white, with the Stussy emblem at the top of the speaker. The Beats by Dr. Dre x Stussy Pill + Speaker debuted on March 14, 2022, and quickly sold out on the Stussy website. Get your speaker right now on StockX.


Audi's emblem is made up of four rings, which reflect the four Auto Union manufacturers. The overlapping rings represent Audi's relationship with Horch, DKW, and Wanderer. Starting from the left, the first ring symbolizes Audi, the second DKW, the third Horch, and the last Wanderer. Another noteworthy fact is that its resemblance to the Olympic emblem sparked a major dispute, with the Olympic Committee suing Audi in global trademark court and losing.

If you look closely at the negative space between the boxes, you can really make out the letters G and C in the same design. Check out these 8 Cutting-Edge Video Games That Will Make You Smarter for more 21st-century games to play. 6 Zoo in the Bronx

HP Envy 15 Limited Edition, September 2009 Nothing sells like exclusivity, and with the limited edition Envy 15, Beats made its first effort into embedding its technologies in other products. Beats Audio has subsequently been widely used in HP laptops and tablets. Despite the fact that the merits of the actual technology are debatable, the relationship between HP and Beats has helped raise the profile of both businesses. Jimmy Iovine on American Idol in January 2011 Jimmy Iovine, widely regarded as the financial mastermind behind Beats' success, joined the American Idol group in 2011 as a coach to budding music performers. Serving in that capacity until 2013, Iovine did much to raise his and, by extension, Beats headphones' prominence. He was effectively a living and talking advertisement for the corporation he co-founded with Dr. Dre, placed in the middle of one of America's most popular programs. (FOX / Getty Images / FOX Image Collection)

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