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On December 12, the Final Battle was officially begun. However, many people complained that the Final Battle still had too many flaws. In low-end devices, the ship would not move smoothly and would only shoot twice per second, making the combat more challenging and disappointing/demotivating some people. The codes section was highly panned for being difficult to understand. Furthermore, the robots assaulting the player made the route difficult. Many mobile gadgets also encountered significant challenges, leading to the conclusion that they were impossible. Some players also reported unexpected teleportations in the game, which made things more difficult for them. While it was hailed for its uniqueness (often mentioned as a perfect example of a conclusion for these sorts of events), The Final Battle was highly criticized for the number of game-breaking flaws it had. While both the Hood of Champions and the Golden Antlers of Honor were available, there were several issues that prevented you from advancing. Some instances include the quiz breaking to show just one answer (for all five) or the player dying quickly after beating TanqR.

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