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Annie Leonhart - Her slicing attack's angle of approach is flawless... She carves a deep swath through the target. She has a solitary personality and has difficulty collaborating. Bertolt Hoover - He's mastered every technique he's been taught...And I feel he has a lot of promise... However, he lacks motivation and prefers to delegate decision-making to others.

What the Hell, Hero? This is Zeke's response to him and Dina selling him to the Marley front for their cause.

In the Dark, You Are: Grisha had discovered the Reiss family's hidden lair years before he ate the Founding Titan. The only reason he didn't take the Founder right away was because he wanted to spend as much time as he could with his second family. This reality would become clear only after both of his sons examined his recollections.

10 Rejected: Jean and Mikasa are on diverging paths that are too far apart.

When Jean and Mikasa first meet, he expresses his attraction to her, despite the fact that she does not seem to be interested, most likely because her attention is already focused on Eren. Although Jean is supportive of Mikasa and the two form a relationship with growing respect for one another, people have yet to embrace them as a love combination.

Floch organizes a force of highly armed Yeagerists to seize Paradis' port, anticipating that Jean and his comrades would attempt to utilize Kiyomi Azumabito's flying boat to reach Eren. They are able to arrive swiftly by using a steam engine and kidnap Kiyomi. [37] Following Armin and Connie's attempt to reach the flying boat, Floch decides to kill the Azumabito mechanics in order to prevent them from presenting a problem in the future. Kiyomi, on the other hand, catches him off guard and disarms him. Before Floch's companions can assist him, Mikasa breaks into the building and knocks them out as well. With no one to assist him, Floch exits the building and warns the remaining Yeagerists that they are under assault. [38] The Yeagerists fire Thunder Spears into the structure before being taken off surprise by the Armored and Female Titans' presence. [39]

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