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Bald Commander Aot

Levi Ackerman made an excellent initial impression, and he only improved as the series proceeded. Is he the most popular Attack on Titan character? Attack on Titan's protagonist is Eren Yeager, yet Eren may not be the finest character of all. Eren, with his daring streak and Attack Titan form, is an exciting hero to watch. But, before long, Captain Levi Ackerman appeared on the scene, and he immediately won over the hearts of the audience.

Pyxis is designated acting Commander-in-Chief of the military after learning of Dhalis Zachary's assassination. After hearing Hange's hypothesis concerning the group's ulterior objective, he inquires as to how many others are aware of Zeke's whereabouts. He orders the three troops who are not presently with Levi to be brought in and asks Nile Dawk and four Miltary Police soldiers to check on the security of Historia's home. Pyxis tells Armin to utilize his Titan ability to fortify the location if necessary, after securing both regions. He then discloses that he intends to surrender to the rebel group; although the others are taken aback, Pyxis adds that he will not submit to the Jaeger brothers but hopes to negotiate with them using Zeke's location. He apologizes to Kiyomi Azumabito, who was present throughout the conversation, after dismissing the troops. Pyxis advises Kiyomi to remain in the port for her own safety, knowing they can't guard her adequately. [22]

Strategy for the Colossus Titan

In the event of a breach, the Garrison must assemble its forces to combat the approaching Titans. If there is no means to stop the breach, a frontal fight must be fought to allow all inhabitants in the town adequate time to flee. After all inhabitants have been successfully evacuated, the gate will be locked and the district will be quarantined. Only then would all of the troops be able to flee to the safety of the Wall.


Keith encountered Grisha Yeager outside of Wall Maria in the Shiganshina District in the year 832. That day, he faced only few Titans. Keith was compelled to detain Grisha after bringing the guy back to Shiganshina, since it was forbidden for residents to enter Titan territory. Keith pledged to tell Grisha about the world beyond the Walls if he was freed from jail without charges. [11]

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