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Bakugo Momo Costume

"Everyone's costumes have changed a lot since we started school," Iida tells the group, and Kaminari is amused by Bakugo's new look. Overall, the most dramatic transformation is that of the explosive hero, who trades in his tank for a skintight body suit. Izuku is a bit obsessed with the ornate detailing on the black costume.

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Another example of a costume that succeeds in supporting the character's quirk while remaining true to their hero theme is roppy's hero costume. Fans may have reacted negatively to a frog costume, but Froppy's design strikes an excellent balance of theme and maturity.

On Twitter, @aitaikimochii shared a full-body shot of the costume, alongside Naoki Tanaka as Kirishima, and the two appear to nail the costumes for each of the characters and embody the spirit of them in these early images.

The costumes, the likeliness, and the A+ casting for Bakugou and Kirishima, as well as all of the characters tbh pic.

twitter.com/fxgZKmaKON Audrey (@aitaikimochii) posted on December 22, 2018.

I love it when I can take my time discovering each item in a set, and that's exactly what you'll want to do with this MHA CC Assortment by skilled creator Drosims.

It includes a wide range of high-quality MHA-themed CAS and Buy Mode items to help you transform your Simsverse into something a little more heroic.

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