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Ashley Furniture North Shore Tv Stand

I bought this television stand after seeing it in a shop, but it was over $500 there and just $320 on Amazon. This is actual wood, not laminated particle board glued together. Yes, you read it correctly: $320 for a nice piece of furniture with beautiful scroll work and a skilled stain. I was concerned about the quality when I purchased it, but I am now very delighted. There is enough space inside for a cable box, router, power strip/surge protector, 9 channel receiver, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, crown amp, and controller and cord storage. Despite being supplied in a flat box, assembly took me 20 minutes from unpacking to completion, and most of the assembly was already done. I hate building anything, but this one was simple and only needed 12 screws, which was a pleasant surprise. The finish is fantastic, and no one would believe me if I told them it was a $1000 tv stand. Overall, it's a fantastic product; the TV viewing height is ideal, and there are three tall ventilation openings in the rear to keep all of the gadgets cool.

TV Stands with Additional Features

Modern TV stands offer extra design elements that may elevate your entertainment environment. Floating TV stands, for example, are TV stands that have mounts or support structures that hold the TV, wires, and components so that the TV seems to be affixed to the wall.

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