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ANier Automata

It should be noted that most outfits only provide cosmetic changes to a character's appearance. NieR.Name How to Obtain Effects NieR Kabuki Costume Clearing the fifth level of the first dungeon in 15 Nightmares unlocks this item. None Samurai Outfit for NieR Clearing the fourth level of the second dungeon in 15 Nightmares unlocks this item. None

On your third playthrough of Nier Automata, you can take on the role of the android A2. However, unlike your previous two playthroughs, you will encounter new events that occur after the 2B and 9S stories. During this time, you can also choose to play as 9S on your third playthrough. However, selecting A2 will allow you to access previously inaccessible gameplay elements during the game. A2 controls in a manner very similar to that of 2B, with one major difference in her abilities. By clicking both L3 and R3, you can enter a Beserk state rather than self-destruct. Berserk mode causes your weapon attacks to deal more damage and allows you to move much faster than normal. However, while in this state, you gradually lose health until you have very little left. In most cases, going into Beserk is a risk/reward situation.

While some may argue that the story isn't all that good, I sincerely believe it is. I prefer the story of NieR:Replicant over the story of Automata, but the story isn't bad by any means; it's really something else, entirely different, in its own league, it deals a lot with philosophy and dilemmas; if you're not interested in those topics, obviously the story isn't for you, but I don't see anything wrong with Automata's story

Overall, NieR: Automata is a fantastic game with a great story, beautiful soundtrack, and amazing combat. It has a lot of issues with settings, color schemes, framerate, and so on, but if you genuinely want to get past these issues and accept the game for what it is, it can be a fantastic experience. Expand

Ending O: it's just you and me.

[Chapter 11-03] Instead of continuing on to the City Ruins, simply run back to the Factory. In [Ch. 11-04], instead of hacking into 2B when she is knocked out by the EMP, hack the other YorHa units around her until the mission fails, or simply walk away.

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