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Anderson Silva Broken Leg Reddit

The injury occurred during Weidman's game versus Uriah Hall, in front of a star-studded, packed audience of 15,000-plus spectators, in what The Associated Press claimed was the first test of full-capacity indoor sports since Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis lowered the state restriction in September. According to the Associated Press, there was no social distance and few masks.

"Anderson Silva has been incredible," UFC president Dana White remarked at the event's post-fight press conference. "He is one of the greatest of all time, if not the greatest of all time. It's a (expletive) way to send him out, but it's all part of the game." Questions will now be raised about Silva's future, whether he will be able to return from such an injury or if this was effectively a retirement fight.

Breakdown of Anderson Silva's Leg Injury

Fans were heartbroken when Silva snapped his leg in two at UFC 168. During the bout, Silva broke both the Tibia and the Fibula in his left leg. Silva had fired a leg kick before, and his opponent had checked it. Unfortunately, the force of the kick was enough to break Silva's leg in half when it collided with Weidman's chin.

After Chris Weidman suffered an injury that resembled the one he gave Anderson Silva, his former opponent offered him some encouraging words. He advised Chris to be optimistic and keep his head up, even if things seemed to be difficult at the time. Anderson has now given Chris some guidance on how to heal and recover from his injuries, as he intends to do. In a recent interview, he discussed some of his personal experiences in a manner that may aid Chris' recovery.

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