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Amane Misa And Rem

Rem, Misa Amane's Shinigami guide in Death Note, has one of the darkest character arcs in the entire series, and that's saying a lot. The killer notebooks in Death Note are a supernatural gift – or curse – that originates from the shinigami realm, a shadowy place of decay and chains. Ryuk served as a shinigami ambassador, or at the very least a representative, but there was another major shinigami who was nearly his polar opposite: Rem.

In Death Note: Light Up the New World, Toda reprises his role.

[16] Light's death was ten years ago. Misa continues to work as an actress, despite the fact that her activities are being secretly monitored by police officers. After cyber-terrorist Yuki Shien hands her a Death Note, she regains her memories. Initially refusing to work with him due to Light's death, she makes another eye trade with Ryuk and assists Yuki in escaping with the six Death Notes he obtained by killing two Task Force investigators. Despite failing to kill Ryuzaki (whose name was previously written on a Death Note similar to L), she commits suicide by writing her own name and scribbling "Misa Amane dies in Light Yagami's hands." Other forms of media []

Misa is aware that if she comes into contact with the tapes, they can be traced back to her. She suggests to her friend that they distribute a bogus poltergeist video that Misa created as a prank to various TV shows, and her friend agrees to assist her. Misa has a friend handle all of the dubbing so she doesn't get her fingerprints on the tapes. Misa then borrows them from her friend, inserts the Kira graphic, and records the message with a voice effect. When Light Yagami asks where her friend is, Misa appears to have a good relationship with her, but she is willing to frame her and offers to kill her in order to tie up any loose ends.

Misa Amane is a central character in the Death Note anime and manga.

The second Kira, an internationally famous model and pop star who began as Light's stalker with a crush after killing the burglar who murdered her parents when she was a child, making her feel indebted to him. She has a messed up lifespan as a result of multiple shinigami sacrificing their lives for her and her numerous exchanges for the Shinigami Eyes. She and her shinigami, Rem, aided Light, but only after dragging him through a series of events, both good and bad, precipitated by her carelessness.

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