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Am I A Joke To You Pakistani Meme

TikToker i love pakistan 12345 posted a clip from the event on August 28th (shown below, left). A young Pakistani girl vows in the video, "To give my own life for Pakistan," to which the principal answers, "That's the spirit, amazing." The footage emphasizes how the principal seems to be saying, "That's a spirit, grape." Many following memes stress the principal's pronunciation of "great" as "grape." In only 24 days, the video had over 11 million views and 1.4 million likes. This is one of the ceremony's most popular sound clips, with i love pakistan 12345's sound clip being used over 1,700 times on TikTok by September 22nd. On the same day, TikToker brandon3bailey shared another footage from the event, this time of a little child vowing, "When I grow up, I will join an army and rescue Pakistan and conquer India." Overtop is a graphic portraying a youngster piloting an aircraft and exploding (shown below, right). In only 24 days, the video had over 12.9 million views.

Memes about Lockdown/Quarantine

More than 7,00,000 persons have been infected and more than 36000 have died as a result of this epidemic (coronavirus). The nations with the largest number of COVID-19 infections include the United States of America, Italy, Spain, and China. With the significant growth in patient numbers, even the wealthiest nations seem to be running out of resources such as ventilators to put patients on and treat them. So yet, no antidote has been developed to heal individuals of this lethal virus.

These are the finest Reddit memes for those who like animals, particularly dogs and cats. The audience is drawn in by these creatures' goofy small charming antics. As a result, r/AnimalsBeingDerps is one of the funniest and most endearing subreddits to follow on Reddit. Personally, I like watching cat and dog videos on YouTube, especially when they behave amusingly. If you're looking for similar stuff, this subreddit will give you with such light comic moments. This subreddit has a massive user base of over 3 million people. In addition, there are a lot of photographs and video clips posted by the community of their lovely dogs playing crazy. Nonetheless, this subreddit is not like the inflammatory sites that sometimes appear on the Reddit network. To summarize, the entries on Animals Being Derps are both adorable and hilarious.

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A bunch of Pakistani supporters arrived to today's game wearing @msarimakhtar (A.K.A the Meme Guy) T-shirts, according to a video posted by Cricket World Cup. An animated anchor is shown interviewing a group of admirers wearing the viral T-shirt.

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