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5Th Gen 4Runner Inch Lift

The -12mm offset and 285mm tire width will rub regardless of the lift. It merely won't rub if you elevate higher until you uptravel on a major bump while rotating the wheel gets impacted harder. Lifts do not prevent friction; they just conceal it. You'll be alright if you never cycle the suspension enough to discover where it rubs. But with that configuration, you'll eventually rub.

We are happy to create the best quality replacement coil springs for a wide range of applications in our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Central Queensland, Australia, in accordance with ISO9001:2008 international quality standards.

To minimize eventual spring sag, all Dobinsons coil springs are stress tested and scragged completely. We also undertake spring fatigue and hardness testing in-house utilizing cutting-edge testing equipment.

Given that everything needs to be removed partly and/or changed, you're still looking at at least $500. It's simple if you have the right tools. To get the spacers in, the rear coils would have to be crushed (its hard enough to get a 3" coil in). A spring compressor may be required for the fronts. Given that you already have a 3" lift, getting them in is problematic, thus the spring compressor and restricted room. Check out Overlander's video as he adds a 3" lift. To get the spacers in, much of it must be removed and replaced. Again, not difficult, but a lot of labor. Click to enlarge...

Toytec can help you improve the performance of your vehicle.

Toytec is committed to providing the finest suspension improvements for your 4Runner and other Toyota off-road vehicles. Toytec provides everything you're searching for whether you merely want a vehicle that rides high on city streets or something that is more suited to dirt, filth, and grime of territory miles from anyplace. Please contact us for your next project. Our team of professionals is ready to assist you in determining the appropriate components and accessories for whichever route you take.

5Th Gen 4Runner 4 Inch Lift

**OME Suspension is created and constructed with ride quality in mind. Please keep in mind that medium load coils are intended for cars with additional front loads, such as a steel bumper, while heavy load coils are intended for vehicles with complete front load weight, such as a bumper and winch combo. Rear coil springs/leaf packs are likewise built to accommodate greater weight. Using medium or high load springs without the required additional weight may result in a reduction in overall ride quality during vehicle operations. **

Your gas mileage will be marginally reduced, but not much. Your rolling diameter remains within the manufacturer's tolerances. The 285 is about 32.7 inches in length, however most people round it up to 33 inches. The diameter of the 285 is 1.6 percent greater than that of the 275. The speedometer on your car will be slightly off. Your speedometer will indicate 60 mph, but your real speed is 60.9 mph. Not even 1mph, which is hardly visible. The video below provides a detailed explanation and example of what is necessary to get the 285/70/17 tires to fit properly without scouring.

5th generation 4"+ lift I'm new to the site and can't seem to locate any information.... I purchased a 2015 SR5 4WD 4R with a 6" Fabtech lift and a 3" body lift last year. I call it my "Harvey Crisis" since I got it after the disaster and I'm too old for a vehicle this tall—but it's gorgeous!

Add YM Rear Extended Brake Lines * Made in the USA, stainless steel fittings, DOT coating, stainless steel braided hose, 3000 PSI tested, 17 in length Choose an option... No, thank you. Yes, add brake lines for an additional $79.99. * Add bump stops * Choose an option... No, thank you. Yes, front bump stops are available for an additional $108.50. Yes, rear bump stops (4.25 + $146.50) are required. Yes, front and rear bump stops (4.25 + $245.00) are required.

5Th Gen 4Runner Suspension Lift

lift kit for details (like what front coil over, what rear shock and spring, what UCA, etc..) Hello Everyone, My friend and I were exploring the Toytec website (because we live in Colorado) searching for 2.5in shock lift choices with remote reservoir for his 2021. We decided to share what we had discovered so far in the hopes that it might be useful to someone. If you want to share your experience, please do so so that others might benefit. I hope this was helpful.

Has anybody swapped the suspension from a 5th generation trail edition to a 4th generation? I just purchased a Dobinsons 3 "My 2015 has a lift and stock suspension. My buddy just purchased a brand new 2006 SR5. It's sitting fairly low, in my opinion. I was trying to assist her by utilizing my take off suspension. I hear that the shocks may be made to fit with a little modification. Will the springs be compatible with bo mods? Is there going to be any lift from this? Click to enlarge...

Because the instructions advise to adjust them to the same length as the OEM stock, I don't think the Stage 7 trailing arms and trac bar added anything. I'm not sure whether my alignment shop examined or could improve the back alignment. The trailing arms have grown in size and strength. However, looking at the upper rear trailing arm, it's merely a rather thin solid rod, which leads me to believe that it's tension-only, thus having a huge tubular upper arm didn't add much strength, in my opinion. T4R Trail Edition 2015 with KDSS. WeatherTech floor mats, Demello rock sliders, and a flat utility rack from Baja Rack. RCI skid plates, Falken AT3W LT285/70R17 tires, ICON Stage 7 tubular 2" extended travel lift, ICON Rebound 17x8.5" 0 offset alloy wheels, and a remote oil filter adaptor from Baxter Performance. Side exit exhaust, second recovery hook on rear frame corner, and homemade wheel well liners of 1/4" thick rubber "rubber neoprene

Should you install rear bump stops? New bump stops should be included for individuals who routinely offroad and are more likely to bottom out, or for those who use the 575 long travel shocks. I don't need this. 1 Timothy ABSTORSEQ Active Rear Bump Stops | 03+ 4Runner FJ Cruiser GX470 GX460 1 set of Wheeler's Rear Superbumps for 03+ 4Runners, FJ Cruisers, GX470s, and GX460s Replace the rear trailing arms? New upper and lower adjustable trailing arms assist fix pinion angle, provide improved articulation, and are considerably stronger than stock for hard offroading or genuine extended travel. No, thank you. I don't need this. 1 Dobinsons WA59-520K Rear Lower Control Arms | 4Runner FJ Cruiser GX470 GX460 1 Dobinsons WA59-522K Adjustable Rear Upper Trailing Arms | 4Runner FJ Cruiser GX470 GX460 1 Upper and Lower Rear Trailing Arm Bundle | 4Runner FJ Cruiser GX470 GX460 1 Upper and Lower Rear Trailing Arm Bundle | 4Runner FJ Cruiser GX470 GX460

5Th Gen 4Runner 2 Inch Lift

If your Toyota vehicle with Genuine Toyota Accessories ever needs servicing, Toyota-trained experts will service your vehicle at any of over 1,200 Toyota dealers throughout the United States, utilizing the latest diagnostic equipment and Genuine Toyota Parts. They guarantee that your Toyota is fixed in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines, which is a significant benefit when it comes time to resale. Warranty: Only Genuine Toyota Accessories bought at the same time as your new vehicle are covered by Toyota's 3-year/36,000-mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty, which is valid at any Toyota dealership nationwide. Coverage for attachments acquired after the purchase of a new vehicle is 12 months, regardless of mileage, from the day the item was placed on the vehicle, or the balance of any relevant new vehicle warranty (whichever provides greater coverage).


When a suspension lift is installed on an Independent Front Suspension (IFS) vehicle, the caster and camber may be pushed beyond the manufacturer tolerances. IFS vehicles often feature a few degrees of camber and caster adjustment from the factory. The addition of Old Man Emu upper control arms returns the alignment cams to an acceptable range for caster and camber.

Whatever you want to do with your 4Runner, there is a lift kit for you. With so many various brands to pick from, how do you know which one to go with? Before purchasing a lift, there are a few things to consider. While considering your alternatives, consider what you want to get out of your lift. Whether you are designing an overlanding rig or a weekend warrior setup, it is critical to determine which sort of suspension will benefit you the best. The first thing you should think about is how much off-roading you want to do and what sort of trails you want to undertake.

5. Why should I purchase a 5th generation 4runner lift?

By inspecting your current inventory, you may determine if you need or want a 4runner lift 5th generation. You most likely do not need it and should rethink purchasing it. If you can't bear the thought of parting with the old one, you might sell it and use the earnings to purchase the new one.

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