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Ych Full Body Base

Hey! You will receive a picture of your character riding a giant serpent if you participate in this auction! Here are some examples of tiers: ———————— SB messy sketch, NO COLORS; $21 lineart, NO COLORS; $25 greyscale; $32 base color; and $55 color + shadows ———————— (In the image, the area is denoted by a yellow outline.) $30 for a messy sketch with no colors; $40 for a lineart with no colors; $50 for greyscale; $60 for a base color; and $110 for color with shadows. ———————— (In the image, the area is denoted by a green outline.) $130 for a black-and-white sketch; $330 for a line drawing with color and shadows; This is a $420 render. $500 I'd like to draw something resembling one of my paintings. If you want to get an idea of how your artwork will look, click on the link. This art inspired me, and I'd like to draw something with a cyberpunk aesthetic. ———————— RULES:- The background can be changed;- The dragon design can be changed;- Payment must be made via Paypal (USD); - I offer payment plans for purchases over $150; - I accept any race or gender. - If you want to get a second (NSFW) picture, the price will go up by 50%. - If you only want NSFW, the price remains the same.

The final price will be negotiated, but it cannot be greater than AB.

The description can be used as a reference, but the price will be higher. It would be preferable for both of us if you could provide something other than a description (colored base, sketch (no matter your skill level), old artwork, etc.). Everything is up for grabs. After all negotiations are completed, I will set a deadline.

YCHs at the base! All premade base YCHs with no line edits are $5 or less. Most people score between 3 and 5. While line edits are not available for these bases, there are a variety of options pre-loaded into the majority, if not all, of my bases from which to choose. In order to best suit your fursona. Not...

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