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Veldora Tempest Human Form Anime

Along with the Veldoras banner, a new event chapter, The One Unleashed: Veldoras Slime Observation, will be released. This is a continuation of Interview with the Demon Butler. While there is no official information on his stats or skills, one can only hope that Veldora will incorporate his anime moves such as Hadouken and Kamehameha into Slime ISEKAI Memories.

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Shizue, like Rimuru, is a Japanese, but unlike Rimuru, she was summoned to this world by the Demon Lord Leon Cromwell. In order for her to survive the summoning ordeal, he then makes her the host for Ifrit, a high ranking flame spirit. He then uses her as a tool, a general in his armies. When Leon Cromwell escapes, she is saved by the Hero, and she uses the Anti-Demon Mask to keep Ifrit at bay.

Because Veldora had only a spiritual body when he was released from Rimuru's stomach, Rimuru gave Veldora one of his humanoid replicas as a vessel, which Veldora reshaped to his liking. Veldora's human form is about two meters tall and has blond hair. Veldora's body modifications made Rimuru's face more masculine, though his general facial features remained. Most people see Veldora as a handsome, if slightly intimidating, young man because he learned to suppress his tremendous aura before leaving the Sealed Cave. Personality

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