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Trippy Coffin Nails Trippy Smiley Face Nails

When it comes to color, metallics will provide a touch of dark flair, but pastels will steal the show. Pastel nails have always been popular in the spring, but this year, we're moving away from Easter egg pastels and toward deeper, more wearing hues like matcha green and Monet blue. Continue reading to learn about this spring's hottest nail trends so you can stay ahead of the game.

Millennials and Generation Z have more in common than TikTok comments would lead you to think. Sure, Zoomers like making fun of Millennials' avocado toast, doggos, and "adulting," while Millennials mock their bucket hats, LED lights, and music that sounds like a Tesla being crushed in a garbage crusher. But, as a person who spans both generations (a zillennial, if you will), I can tell you that one thing unifies us all: gorgeous nail art. According to Pinterest's cutting-edge search-skimming report, searches for "smiley face nails" are enjoying a significant rise, mainly among 18-24 year-olds, which means they're soon to be all over your Explore page and timeline. The bright nails are part of a bigger "indie beauty" trend among Gen Z, who prefer irreverent, colorful goods and under-the-radar firms over the sleek, costly, minimalist brands preferred by earlier generations. Zoomers are also like colorful crop tops, emoji-spangled things, and big splashes of color in their cosmetics, according to the survey.

Dripping nails, such as psychedelic Smiley Nails, are ideal for Halloween! Although not very creepy, there is an unsettling vibe linked with the same! But don't worry, we're creating delicate dripping black-white nails that are elegant and not scary! Prepare to flaunt them by creating a pouring look with black on top of matte white! Do this on your stiletto nails to complete the look!

11. Nail Art with Neon Smiles

No other hue stands out as much as neon! So, for your nails' sake, paint smiles over bright nail color! With the way these cheerful faces on your neon nails pop when you flaunt them, you'll be the talk of the town! This nail art design is very easy to create! Simply paint a bright nail color as a base coat and then add a smiling face! You may go even bolder by adding rhinestones; the effects will wow you!

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