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Tokyo Ghoul Tsukiyama Voice Actor Japanese

Kanae subsequently contacted him and stated that Kaneki was still alive, presenting him the first envelope with a photograph of Sasaki that Chie had given him. He then requested Kanae, who was crying, to explain. [Citation required] Tsukiyama ran out of his mansion to meet Kaneki, despite the fact that his health was further deteriorating and he was collapsing. Kanae escorted him to the CCG office in a wheelchair. When Tsukiyama saw Sasaki leave the office with his squad, he got enthralled and hurried out of his wheelchair, only to tumble again. With the exception of Urie, Sasaki and the Quinx assisted him in getting up. Kanae hurried in, apologized for the noise, and pushed Tsukiyama back into the wheelchair before leaving. The group was concerned about his well-being. [Citation required]

Mirumo is a loving father who is concerned for his son's well-being and proud of his son's numerous achievements. His journal writings demonstrate that he feels guilty for his kid growing up without a mother and attempts to compensate by loving him sufficiently for both parents. He is really concerned about his son's health and has taken an active part in hunting for any "component" that would restore his son's health. He is overjoyed with his son's recuperation. Kanae was one of his slaves, working for him to look after his kid.

Shuu's passion shifts from self-preservation to morbid curiosity after discovering that Chie attends the same high school as him and is even in the same class. As he gets closer to the absent-minded and exceedingly weird photographer, he encourages them both to understand more about each other's opposing worlds; Shuu promises that Chie will come out of this experience with an image that is better than the one she already possesses. [Composed by MAL Rewrite]

Pictures Characters to Watch Matsumae Matsumae Matsumae Matsumae () Matsumae is a teacher at Seinan Gakuin High School and Shuu Tsukiyama's homeroom teacher. She is also a Ghoul working for the Tsukiyama family. She is in charge of keeping a watch on Tsukiyama while also serving as his instructor. She has shown the ability to remain calm in the face of ghoul investigators and to lead her squad of ghouls in warfare. Matsumae, like her boss, maintains a professional demeanor even while under duress, like as during a CCG eradication.

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