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Thunder Breathing Demon Slayer Lightning

AcquisitionLocation Sensei Thunder (Jigoro Kuwajima) Thunder Sensei (Jigoro Kuwajima) may be located near the Kanoe-Hanada Village bridge. He is near Demon Niko's spawn spot as well as a Training Rock. Quests for Acquisition First Quest: Kill 10 Ordinary Demons Reward: Include the scope="col" style="text-align:center;" Second Quest - Kill ten powerful demons Reward: Break 3 Training Rocks - Insert Third Quest Breath of Thunder as a reward

3rd Form: Heat Lightning

All of Kaigaku's Thunder Breathing methods should make it clear that the bulk of his assaults may be turned into ranged blows that can badly hurt his opponent. His Heat Lightning is no exception, providing another devastating, high-damage technique to an arsenal that would already annihilate weaker foes. Fortunately, Zenitsu is cut from a different cloth and will not be defeated by this strategy.

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As previously stated, Kaigaku was a one-of-a-kind instance in that he mastered all forms save the first. He was unable to defeat the moon breathing technique user, Kokushibo, as a human. As a result, he opted to become a demon, and his talents grew immensely. The majority of his methods created and are depicted as powerful and devastating torrents of black lightning, and many of them covered a wide region of influence. Rice Spirit (Form 2)

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