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Simple Drawing Ideas For Beginners Flowers

Sagak Sagak's watercolor painting of a tree Trees are another great subject for your watercolors. You can paint them in the summer when their leaves are bright green, or in the autumn when they are more colorful. The lovely colors provide an excellent opportunity to test your color theory, though we recommend using a palette that matches your color combination.

Another method for drawing flowers is to use circles. Although this technique can be used to draw other types of flowers, it is ideal for drawing a sunflower. To begin, draw two circles, one large and one small. In the center of the larger circle, draw a small circle. Then, for the leaves and stems, sketch a rough pattern. A thin extended heart shape works well for drawing the petals of a sunflower. Create the petals by drawing them inside the larger circle and across the edges of a smaller circle. Once you've completely covered the area between the circles with petals, it's time to add more petals in between the ones you've already drawn.

This book includes 150 simple watercolor painting projects such as flowers, fruits and vegetables, animals, and more. How to Draw Flowers: Use these printable worksheets to learn how to draw flowers quickly and easily. Learn how to easily draw flowers with these printable worksheets. Watercolor Project Book: 50 watercolor projects with a forest theme are included in this project book.

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