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Shisui Uchiha Sharingan Wallpaper

A mobile wallpaper is a computer wallpaper that has been resized to accommodate a mobile device such as a phone, personal digital assistant, or digital music player. The breadth is often more than or equal to the height. Wallpapers for current phones may usually be downloaded for free from many websites (such as those running Android, iOS, or Windows Phone operating systems). Modern smartphones enable users to utilize images from the web as wallpaper, or photos taken with the phone's camera may be set as wallpaper. Wallpaper pictures, like many other digital images accessed on the Internet, are often copyrighted.

Itachi could use this ability to perform a genjutsu on his victim, trapping them in a realm where he could freely alter space and time. Although his strength as a summoning was restricted, Itachi's crow could still employ the power of kotoamatsukami, a formidable genjutsu capable of trapping anybody in an illusion and influencing them. C 5 2800cha 2600nin 2700tai 2400hp. Eternal mangekyou sharingan c 5 2800cha 2600nin 2700tai 2400hp. Itachi is not a person who suffers from shisui, but he witnesses shisui's deterioration and becomes concerned.

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