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Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Pale Lady Death Scene

Bless YouC was a young nurse who worked the night shift at an elderly nursing home. She sneezed one night during her shift while getting extra bedding and linen for a patient's room. She heard the words "Bless you" clearly from behind her in the empty room.

Other stories in this collection include The Attic, Cats Paw, Stranger, and The Wendigo. In the film, it is implied that each of these stories narrates the dark fates that befell each member of the Bellows family, who all imprisoned Sarah within the house to conceal their corruption and keep their wealth. 6 Sarah's book was inspired by Pan's Labyrinth.

Auggie, Chuck, Tommy, and Chief Turner are all still dead by the end of the movie. However, the film concludes with Stella, her father, and Ruth banding together to find a way to resurrect Chuck and Auggie. After the Red Spot incident, Ruth is left sobbing "get them off" over and over, even after the spiders have been shooed away from her.

I just finished watching this, and it's a solid little horror film. Quite gruesome for a PG-13 film. I'm blown away. It was really cool to see those books on screen after growing up reading them over and over. The acting was a little stiff and cheesy, but they are only kids. The monsters were extremely well-executed and genuinely creepy to watch. If you like the books, I recommend it.

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