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Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark 2021

This Adventure exemplifies Adventure Lab's storytelling power by sharing history and transporting explorers to actual sites that bring these stories to life right in front of them. Anyone who gets the opportunity to participate in this Adventure will remember the terrifying tales and their experience strolling through the hidden portion of Venice long after they have logged the final Location.


Back in the late 1990s, I worked at Radioshack and was set to open on a Saturday morning. I go in, shut the door behind me, and proceed to the back to get things ready, only to find my boss sitting in the back chair, his tie around his neck, tied to an inventory rack, his trousers around his ankles, and he's dead with his still hard dong in his hands.

When I saw the books in my school library as a youngster, I was fascinated to them because of the artwork. The black and white, surreal, nightmare imagery is just frightening enough to pique the interest of a late elementary/middle school student. They provide youngsters with the images necessary to confront their fears. Sure, it's frightening to look at at the time, but it goes a long way toward helping youngsters confront their anxieties. The re-release of the three books in 2011 garnered harsh criticism for new art that was less scary and more kid-friendly. The entire purpose of the artwork is that, although it is more upsetting, it is also the most frightening aspect of the story. When you take it away, you take away the identity and aim of the story. They are designed to educate and amuse children about the frightening aspects of life. They should not be sugar-coated.

Charlotte had a hectic day, so when she met with a donor for lunch and paid with her work card, she quickly put the receipt into her jacket pocket. She'd take care of it later, before Lorraine, their finance person, became annoyed. Weeks went by. She had completely forgotten about the receipt. Lorraine promptly wrote her a polite email with a list of costs Charlotte had neglected to account for that month. She was sorry, but she wanted to contact and thank the donations on her list.

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