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Scarlet Witch Wanda

This incarnation of Wanda first appeared in the aptly titled "What If...Zombies?!?" and contracted a zombie virus that originated in the Quantum Realm, causing her powers to become increasingly volatile. This story served as a reminder of the ever-present dangers of chaos magic, and it demonstrated that Wanda is incredibly powerful even when she lacks her usual intellect. THE DAY'S SCREENRANT VIDEO

Though she does not have the same rogues gallery as many of her fellow costumed champions, the Scarlet Witch can claim a few immediate foes from her time with the Avengers and her own personal trials.

Magneto, a powerful mutant, subverted Wanda at a young age, convincing her that she was not only a mutant, but also his daughter. Wanda eventually rebelled against the villain's manipulations, eventually confronting him whenever he appeared and acting as a bulwark against his schemes. Doctor Doom, another powerful figure in Wanda's life, desired her abilities for himself and betrayed her when she sought him out to help her recover lost memories. Later, after a dramatic event, Doom closedted her in his native country, taking advantage of her amnesia and proclaiming his supposed affections for her.

Level and Super Power Score

Each Super Power has a score (SPS), which is used to determine the Class. Each Super Power has three levels as well (SPL). When you link a Super Power to a character, the level is set. The level of the Super Power used in the calculation determines the final score.

"Take another look." Vision and Wanda Maximoff The Maximoff twins then accompanied Captain America back to the Avengers Tower, where they discovered Maximoff's fear to be true: Tony Stark and Bruce Banner were attempting to upload J.A.R.V.I.S.' consciousness into the body. After a brief scuffle, Maximoff was restrained by Banner, but she managed to break free, only to witness Thor resurrecting the body.

Scarlet Witch Wanda

[Edit] Marvel 1602

The Marvel timeline is reset in Marvel 1602, so that many superheroes and villains appear in the early 17th century. Mutants exist in this version of events, but they are referred to as "witchbreed." Wanda and her brother Petros are both followers of Enrique, who conceals his true power and serves as the Spanish Catholic Church's High Inquisitor. [131]

The source of Wandas unnatural abilities stem from a two-fold base; unparalleled mastery of actual magic and an innate power to warp reality.

Due to exposure to mystic energies and forces at an early age, Wanda may reshape reality to various extremes. Known as a hex in her formative years as an Avenger, the Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff

sense because hes hairy, but it wasnt good. Angel: Considering who he is, this could have been better. It was just an open chest with white pants. Xavier: While galas are supposed to be over the top, this was OTT in a bad way. The gold just didnt seem to fit him. Karma: It just seemed big. Nothing fancy. Showing her cyborg leg was cool. Mr. Sinister: This writer expected more poise from Nathaniel Essex. There wasnt much here. Exodus: This looked like his normal costume. Nothing more, nothing less. Jamie Braddock: As funny as I found this, he could have done better.

Doctor Strange appeared, sensing abuse of magic, and angry that he had not been notified of Wanda's recent problems. Strange was forced to use the Eye of Agamotto on Wanda, which apparently showed her a memory so horrible she went into a catatonic state. Magneto suddenly appeared to collect his daughter, and brought her to Genosha so Professor X could help her. [66] House of M

Scarlet Witch Wandavision Cosplay


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