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As soon as Victor entered the ring, "The other man knocked him down with one blow and began pounding on his skull... He mentioned a moment from "Rocky Balboa" in which Sylvester Stallone states, "There's still a few things... CCTV video showed the incident before Miah re-entered the car and fled the scene. Mr Bruce stumbled backwards and collided with the concrete, resulting in a broken skull and a...

Superhuman Endurance: Saitama has never exhibited signs of tiring while battling foes. Saitama exhibited no symptoms of exhaustion after releasing a punch more powerful than a planet-destroying strike. [76] The single time Saitama was seen breathless and out of breath from constant sprinting, he recovered within seconds. [77] Supernatural Senses: Saitama's senses are well above what is expected of a human. He has remarkable hearing, being able to catch up on diverse talk from spectators from a long distance away, even when battling monsters and the like. [78] He can even hear phone communications with enough precision to judge a conversation and its contents. [79]

4th "Whether you're on the side that kills people or the side that saves them, nothing out of the ordinary will happen. Nothing in this world can fill the void you've created. You Will Be Lost In The Dark For All Eternity." Sakunosuke Oda was a wonderful character who died much too young, as do many others in Bungo Stray Dogs. However, before his untimely demise, he had enough quotes to make an influence on the fanbase.

Saitama appears as a Senior Explorer (Alchemist) in Alchemia Story, an Asobimo mobile game. He subsequently instructs the user on how to construct Synthesis Items while bragging about his feasts in Asobimo's mobile game. He subsequently instructs the player on how to construct Synthesis Items while bragging about his feasts. Saitama is impoverished and has money problems, most likely as a consequence of not joining up as a hero in the Hero Association until Genos informed him that such an organization existed, and even after becoming an official hero, he is not highly compensated. This is most likely due to his famed notoriety and lack of recognition for his heroic efforts.

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