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Roblox Piggy Characters Fan Art

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, This skin would have most likely been Foxy's re-design, but MiniToon kept it as a new skin. Grandmother, Zizzy, Torcher, Soldier, Poley, Billy, Mr. P, Budgey, Ghosty, Rash, Officer Doggy, Pandy (Uniform), Tigry (Uniform), Owell, and Primrose are among the skins who wear hats. Because their idle animations are identical, this is the second skin to wear its hat after Zizzy.

Chapter 9 - City

The protagonist arrives on a rooftop. Pony declares that he sees a safe haven. Zizzy confirms that there are other people inside the building. Pony and Zizzy, as well as the player, must find a way in. After passing through the gate, Zizzy inquires as to what the player was doing prior to all of this. The player confirms that they worked as a cop. Pony aspired to be an optometrist like his father, and Zizzy worked as a fencing coach. Zizzy has two sisters, one of whom is a fencing instructor. It has been confirmed that her sisters are also safe. When Zizzy inquires as to how the player ended up in the Carnival, they inform her that they were looking for Mr. P to stop him from dispensing potions that turn people into the infected. Zizzy instructs the player to remain in the safe area for a while. They can all hear noises coming from the trash can. Assuming that someone is watching them, Zizzy and the player investigate. Pony remains in the background, saying, "Stay Safe."

Fans of Piggy won't have to wait long before 'book 2' hits the roblox site, but when and where will it be available?

More roblox piggy can be found on Facebook. Check out our roblox piggy selection for the best in one-of-a-kind or custom-made items from our stuffed animals & plushies shops. Piggy, penny, little brother, George, mother, father, grandmother, sheepy, pandy, teacher, memory, kitty, mimi, dinopiggy, Daisy, angel, devil, pony Read reviews from the world's largest reader community.

If you want me to draw your ROBLOX character, please leave a comment and add me on Discord!! Discord KawaiiAbbyy#8024 ROBLOX Stuff used by KawaiiAbbyy (inactive at the moment) Monoprice Drawing Tablet Paint Tool Sai A lot of time ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Please keep an eye out for comments and have a wonderful and blessed day/night!!

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