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Raging Waves Water Style Jutsu Hand Signs

Raging Waves in Liquid Style 7,800 seconds Following two hand gestures, the user fires a jet of water in the direction of the cursor, which may penetrate several targets and deliver damage many times, with the amount of damage fluctuating. If the user is near to an adversary, this attack automatically fires at them and momentarily slows them down. Shark Blitz is a liquid style. 16 seconds = 16,000 After five hand gestures, the user summons three water sharks that erupt from the ground and fly towards the cursor, doing damage and slowing them down when they collide with an adversary. These sharks may also homing and delivering double damage.

Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu (Water Clone Technique)

Out of water, it makes one or more identical replicas of the original. Water clones are capable of attacking, similar to Kage Bunshin, but each clone is around one-tenth the potency of the original. The water clone can only do one jutsu that the user is also familiar with. It must be a jutsu of the water element. The clone will be destroyed with a single powerful strike.

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