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Perros Bonitos De Raza Grande

Herreo lobo perro The lobo herreo, also known as the lobito herreo or the perro pastor herreo, is a breed of dog native to the Canary Island of El Hierro. Traditionally, a dog was used to shepherd the ganado ovino and caprino, but the declive of the traditional ganadera caused him to be on the border of... Curse of the black mouth The black mouth cur, also known as the southern cur, southern black mouth cur, or yellow black mouth cur, is a breed of dog native to the southern United States. Since its inception, it has been used as a hunting and guard dog, yet it is becoming more common to see it develop...

19) Kuvasz: is a hngaro perro chosen by the nmadas to defend the rebaos. He is distinguished by a gruesome white beard, an intelligent and astute personality, and a keen sense of humour. 20) Komondor: Tambin of hngaro origin, he had arrived from the Asiatic lands with the hordes of the huns, impossible to confuse due to the shape of his fur. A very obedient dog with a calm, cautious, and insecure personality. Mide up to 70 centimeters in height for 60 kg in weight.

Since more than 7000 years, the dog has known man and formed an unbreakable bond based on trust, but also on loyalty and friendship. By manipulating the ancient descendants of apes, all known races have evolved in response to human needs. Giant breeds are born, weighing more than 50 kg and standing more than 70 cm tall. Perros do not have to be strong, but they do need exercise, space, and good nutrition, as well as a good diet and, of course, a lot of love and attention. Twitter Comprtelo

Siberiano Husky If you're thinking of adopting a husky siberiano adult or puppy, you've come to the right place. On this ExpertoAnimal breed page, we'll go over everything you need to know about the husky siberiano, including characteristics, behavior, social relationships with other animals, and special care. In... Bernedoodle The bernedoodle, a cross of caniches and boyeros from Berna, is a lovely dog with a charming personality, a well balanced temperament, and brilliant intelligence. However, this is not all, since the bernedoodle is a curious and playful breed that is suitable for many types of people...

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