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Kyoya Ootori is a key character and second-year student at Ouran Academy, as well as the frugal and calculating vice-president of the Host Club, which he co-founds with his closest friend, Tamaki Suoh. Despite Tamaki's position as President, Kyoya is the genuine director, acting behind the scenes like a puppeteer, giving him the moniker "The Shadow King." He feels that as the third son of the affluent and aristocratic Ootori family, he must outperform his two older brothers in order to impress his father. He tries exceedingly hard to match his strict father's high standards in order to be recognized as the next family patriarch, regardless of how implausible that is. In the anime, his early attitude as a shallow cad is softened by Tamaki's companionship, and Kyoya develops to be a reasonable, yet compassionate guy. His fascination with patriarchy has waned, which, unfortunately, pleases his father the most.

Note: In modern-day Japan, this kind of corporate management has gone out of favor, being replaced by keiretsu, or subsidiary management, which combines connected enterprises without a single, all-encompassing controlling family or individual. The Mitsubishi Group is an example of a zaibatsu that has later evolved into a keiretsu. Yoshio is the Ootori family patriarch and Kyoya's father. Although his younger son works hard to please him, he treats him in a cruel and unyielding way, even going so far as to smack his son in public when he hears of Kyoya's job as Director of the Host Club, which he regards as frivolous. His desire to have complete control over all parts of his life extends to his four children, whose futures he plans according to his own whims.

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