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Mrs. Pam Dyer, Lin's art teacher for the past twelve years, describes her as an incredibly dedicated individual who does everything with excellence. She understands that art is the vessel. Lin can spiritually minister to these children through her art. She has an innate sense of calm that pervades everything she does, and her classroom becomes a haven for many children. Cortlyn Plunk, a 23-year-old freshman, is one such student. Mrs. Mayberry gave me believable compliments in Mrs. Mayberry's art classes for grades 5 through 8, Cortlyn recalled. You could tell she wasn't just giving you a false sense of security. She is a true mentor to me and has shaped who I am as a person, not just as an artist. Lin always strikes that delicate balance in which she challenges and pushes her students to go as far as they can without allowing self-doubt or frustration to enter their minds.

Mrs. Mayberry was a positive and kind-hearted elementary school teacher at Puppies Junior School who was well-liked by her students. She also had a husband named Jarold. Mrs. Mayberry began class on January 8 with her students singing, but the joy was short-lived when one of the students reminded her that it was Jarold's birthday. Mayberry became upset because she had forgotten about his birthday, until one of the students suggested making a video call to wish him a happy birthday, which Mayberry agreed to do using the classroom computer. The computer revealed Jarold was having sexual relations with another woman named Martha, much to her and the kids' surprise.

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