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Giorgio Tsoukalos, a well-known ufologist and xenoarchaeologist, has left us with a plethora of theories about humanity and aliens. He asked probing questions like, "Who built the pyramids?" "Are we really alien hybrids?" And, of course, his most famous question, "Is it possible that a similar creature existed thousands of years ago if we can create a two-headed dog with six legs today? And I answer, "Yes."" Tsoukalos' willingness to blame aliens for most, if not all, of humanity's mysteries has influenced many forward-thinking scientists to follow in his footsteps. If Mr. Tsoukalos ever retracts his tagline and claims that humans did it, the world of scientific progress will implode. 15 Prime Optimus Prime

Please keep your mouth shut. I understand, you're horny. Nobody wants to hear about all the times you've masturbated to your sibling, or how your tits got in the way of something. Nobody wants to hear your pwease be my friend nonsense when posting things like this is exactly why you don't have any friends. You complain about not having a boyfriend/girlfriend, but you post garbage with no self awareness. You cum stained landwhale, boobs tits or ass about grass. Step outside. Consume some vitamin D. Make some new friends. When you see a woman, get something other than an erection.

With the release of Demon's Souls in 2009, the company gained international acclaim. Demon Souls, directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, was released for the Sony PlayStation 3 console and is widely regarded as Dark Souls' spiritual predecessor. The game received a Metacritic score of 89/100 and sold well, thanks in part to word of mouth, eventually selling over a million copies. Dark Souls II

It's a Zoom world, and we're living in it, as we all hold our meetings via the video chat platform, avoiding embarrassing home decor or roommates making sandwiches in the background. Fortunately, virtual backgrounds allow us to hide the more intimate parts of our home living spaces and instead place our meetings in exciting locations such as Street Fighter levels or Final Fantasy backgrounds. However, if you prefer a softer background, perhaps one that evokes coziness and transforms loneliness from a heavy burden into a sort of wistful comfort, we humbly suggest the official Studio Ghibli backgrounds. The Ghibli website has released a number of backgrounds from various films, including some vertical options for mobile. They can serve as simple wallpapers or virtual backgrounds.

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