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Mixels Flain And Seismo Mix

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They are shown to be unintelligent because they are easily confused (for example, when they stand at attention in front of an ice sculpture of Major Nixel in Wrong Colors) and have limited speech capacities, only being able to say single words and very simple phrases.

Nixels are small and appear to be harmless; however, they are vicious, annoying, insane, and destructive creatures that can be found all over the Mixels' land. Their society functions more like a virus, and they live to tear down and destroy the world around them, including any Mixel combinations. Nothing irritates the Nixels more than when two or three Mixels join forces and gain superpowers. The Nixels have made it their life's mission to put an end to such insane creativity once and for all. The only way to accomplish this is to conceal and destroy the cubits that allow the Mixels to join in the first place. Nixels can swarm together and break apart a Mixel in seconds.

Mason-Chooki-Gen- Flain and Gen don't seem to get along as well as he and Guren usually do. Gen describes him as a hot-headed knucklehead, whereas Flain describes him as a total jerk because he never accepted Magnifo as his partner and thus believes Gen should not join the team. When Guren and Magnifo both catch a cold in "Hot Heads," they are forced to work together and put aside their differences.

Released Tribe Reference Name Notes 41563 MCFD Splasho 67 pieces on June 1, 2016 Aquad MCFD 41564 June 1, 2016 70 pieces Nixel and MCFD 41565 Hydro 70 pieces on June 1, 2016 41566 Pyrrat Sharx 1 June 2016 55 pieces Skulzy and Nixel, Pyrrat 41567 1st of June, 2016 66 pieces Lewt 41568 Pyrrat 62 pieces on June 1, 2016 Surgeo 41569 Medix 63 pieces on June 1, 2016 Skrubz and Nixel, Medix 41570 68 pieces on June 1, 2016 Tue, June 1, 2016 67 pieces Medix 41571 9th season

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