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Minecraft Three Headed Ender Dragon

When the player enters the portal, they are treated to the final poem, which informs them that they have "finished" the game. Even if it may be skipped, it is nevertheless strongly advised to read it. The player then respawns in the Overworld at the respawn spot, which might be the world spawn point, a respawn anchor, or the player's most recent bed. After then, the player may safely return to base. [] The rematch

Destruction of the End Crystals

Crystals atop the End's pillars renew the Ender Dragon's health as it flies near them. While it is feasible to destroy the dragon before it regains health, removing the crystals beforehand ensures that the harm done to it is not undone. Shoot arrows at them to destroy them, or scale the pillars if the crystal is guarded by a gate. Be aware that when the crystals are shattered, they explode, injuring and knocking the player to their death, therefore position a block in front of it to reduce the harm. Return to the ground with a pail of water, then rinse and repeat until all of the crystals are gone. While it is not required to accomplish this phase, doing so will make the struggle much simpler.

Getting Rid of the End Crystals

When you initially arrive on the End island, the Dragon will repair whatever damage it sustains as a result of being surrounded by towers with End Crystals on them. At initially, the primary aim is to go to these crystals and shoot or strike them with any instrument that does harm. When they are destroyed, they deal explosive damage and stagger.

Unfortunately, players cannot name the Ender Dragon or properly catch it unless they are playing a severely hacked version of the game. As a consequence, putting any name tags on it will almost certainly result in the player being booped high into the sky by a lunging dragon. Having said that, the creators have tinkered with naming the dragon previously, speculating that she may be named "Jean," after the game's main character, "Steve."

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