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Michael Afton Gacha Club Character

In most AUs, Michael is shown to be the last one to die and to have suffered greatly as a result of their deaths. He is mostly portrayed as a broken, kind, and caring character. It is sometimes shown that Michael has forgiven Ennard, who killed him, and that he allows him to use him as a suit, as well as their friends. In some AUs, he is depicted as a 21-year-old or as a father who can be rude at times but is mostly caring. [] Designs

A girl who enjoys being rough and challenging while remaining feminine. They typically have short hair that they keep masculine by tying it into pigtails or using elastic bands on top of their heads when not properly styled with bobby pins; this gives them an edgy look while maintaining femininity (think mall ninja meets sweaty soccer player!) What is the best way to stay fashionable and stylish? It just so happens that we have a new celebrity in town. Their newest gacha club outfits for girls who like an edgy look with a girl-power attitude!

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