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Marinette Miraculous Ladybug Wallpapers

Go to the beginning. Enter background and then choose Background settings from the drop-down box. A Preview picture will appear in the Background settings. There is a drop-down option under Background. Select or Browse for a photo after selecting Picture. Select Solid color, followed by a color. Select Slideshow and go to a photo folder. Choose a fit option, such as Fill or Center, from the drop-down menu. Windows 7

Marinette Background Image

Another Miraculous Ladybug wallpaper I created, this time with Marinette. To receive the 1920x1080 version for your PC, please download the file. If you have a multi screen setup, couple this with the Ladybug wallpaper I previously provided (or with the Chat Noir wallpaper if you're MariChat trash like me). The nice thing about how I made these wallpapers is that since the heart pattern is seamless (so to speak), you can mix and match any of them and they should match up for the most part. Link to Ladybug Wallpaper: mltrashdump.deviantart.com/art Link to Adrien Agreste Wallpaper: mltrashdump.deviantart.com/art Link to Chat Noir Wallpaper: mltrashdump.deviantart.com/art

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