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Lego Mixels Flain Instructions

One of Flain's most memorable escapades occurred at the yearly Mix Festival, for which he served as MC. Zaptor went with the other tribal chiefs to get additional Hamlogna Sandwiches after consuming all of them. This saved him from being Nixed by the Mega Nixel Mixel Nixer, but required him to go to Mixel Mountain to rescue Rainbow Cubits. While the leaders were being besieged by a swarm of Nixels on the mountain's summit, he and Gobba devised a Mix to overcome them and returned the cubits to the celebration just in time for the other leaders to arrive. ("Extreme Comedy Adventure")

What is the best method for cleaning my Lego bricks? Verified Lego recommends cleaning the bricks by hand with water (no hotter than 40 degrees Celsius) and a mild detergent. Never use a washing machine or dishwasher with the bricks. After that, let the bricks air dry. Electric components should only be cleaned with a dry cloth. This was helpful (1084) share

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