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Ken Kaneki Post Dragon Wings

Kaneki is a very intelligent person. The majority of his knowledge stems from his obsession with reading books. He has also been able to connect reality with Sen Takasuki's novels. In combat, he is also cunningly smart and tactical, which is one of the few reasons why the CCG regards him as an impressive ghoul investigator. Martial Arts: Due to his ghoul physiology and constant reading about martial arts and other defensive skills, Kaneki is an extremely aggressive fighter. He is an excellent swordsman, thanks to Arima's careful training and observation of his progress. Equipment

Kaneki has a special organ made of RC Cells called a Kagune as a Ghoul, which he can manifest by allowing it to burst from his lower back in the form of tentacles that he can control at will. They are extremely fast and have great striking power, but they are relatively brittle compared to most Kagunes, which is compensated for by Kaneki's abnormal regeneration, even for a Ghoul. As the series progresses, he is able to shape them into various forms, such as a giant claw or a bundle of limbs, to suit his needs, and he is able to control at least six of them independently. Kaneki's Unfinished Kakuja

Wiz: It's important to note that this full-powered transformation could only be performed once due to exhaustion, and Eren himself didn't create an explosion nearly as large, even though this was most likely due to him being weakened, but for the sake of argument, we'll assume he can generate the same amount of energy.

Boomstick: In comparison, the dragon when it wasn't fully formed managed to cause earthquakes throughout Tokyo and create many explosions from the tunnel far beneath that reached all the way to the surface those blast devastated many wards of Tokyo in it's aftermath at the absolute minimum to do this the dragon must have been capable of producing around 612 kilotons of TNT that's 4 times higher than the best feat in the AOT series and this was just the lowball

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