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Ken Kaneki Dragon Kagune

He says to himself: "If you were to create a narrative with me as the main character, it would undoubtedly be tragic. No. In truth, everyone is the same. He is the protagonist of his book, while she is the protagonist of her film. Everyone on this planet is the main character in their own tragedy. Everyone steals, and something is taken from everyone. We can't help ourselves. That's what we're all about. Steal, and you will be stolen. Imprison, and you will be imprisoned. Follow as well as be followed. Do and be done with it. Repeat affirmation and negation. We strive incessantly to rescue ourselves from annihilation. Nonetheless, the people and places we cherish will inevitably perish. We will undoubtedly be forgotten. Life is depressing. Empty. But, while knowing we shall one day be destitute, despite knowing we will one day vanish, we continue to strive in heinous ways. We still aspire to be attractive. And I think about it. Which one is it? I make my decision. This is the one. Always selecting, always being chosen. Nothing else. Nothing less will suffice." Dragon Quinx, Tokyo Ghoul

Stage 4 is the first, though unfinished, version of Kaneki's kakuja. The cooldowns for each ability grow while the kakuja remains active. The screen of the user will begin to wobble. This kakuja resembles a lengthy centipede tail with sharp protrusions imitating centipede legs and finishing in a blunt, shovel-shaped tip. This level, unlike the others, lacks a mask. The longer you use this kakuja, the slower it becomes. 750,000 RC Cells are required.

Cracks Finger is a Tic shown by Ken Kaneki, Naki, and Yamori. Yamori's torturer established the habit, which Yamori, Naki, and Kaneki followed. Yamori snaps his finger every time he tortures Ken Kaneki in the anime Tokyo Ghoul. This educates him not to shatter his own fingers after escaping. In which chapter is Kaneki tortured?

Kaneki transformed into a dragon after cannibalizing several ghouls and consuming their kakuhou. The washuu clan are kakujas by birth, and since Rize is a washuu and Kaneki inherited Rize's kagune, he transformed into a Dragon. There was also an underworld king who could transform into a Dragon and was a washuu. What is the name of Kaneki's daughter?

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