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His looks altered dramatically after being tormented by Yamori. His hair became entirely white, his nails turned black, and he gained muscle mass. He started to like monotone attire and went into fight wearing a form-fitting black bodysuit with cutouts. His hair started to have black streaks sprouting out from the top of his head in the years after assuming the name of Haise Sasaki. He dressed like a ghoul detective, wearing black dress shirts and pinstripe slacks with a knee-length white trench coat. When he reads, he also wears a pair of circular spectacles. Following the events of the Auction Mopping-up Operation, his hair gradually started to return to its former color, with nearly no white left.

Shell-less I had a Twitter chat with @neruchan3 last week regarding the possibility of him losing his arm, mkay. Bless you, bae. I suppose he doesn't get paid enough for this CCG nonsense. Seriously, guy needs a lengthy vacation. Is your career heading in the wrong direction? I heard that they are looking for a part-time waitress. In this circumstance, I'm not sure whether I'm hinting or attempting to be amusing.

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