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Hazbin Hotel Millie And Moxxie

Moxxie had always adored Millie; she was his soulmate, and his marriage to her had been nothing short of paradise. However, a fortuitous meeting sends Moxxie into a spiral of love and debauchery as word gets out about certain...skills he had. Soon, Moxxie found himself garnering all the wrong sorts of attention from certain residents of hell, all of whom want a piece of the miserable imp for themselves in some manner.

Millie is also a fierce protector of Moxxie. When the Catfish Monster attempted to devour an inebriated Moxxie in Spring Broken, Millie came to his aid and single-handedly defeated the monster. When Millie witnessed Striker preparing to strangle Moxxie in The Harvest Moon Festival (episode), she was blinded with wrath and stabbed Striker numerous times in the back. Despite her protective nature toward Moxxie, she seems to love taunting him, as seen in the Pilot when she questioned Moxxie if he was "trying to ruin Blitzo's hopes."

Millie is a little Imp with a wicked tail and white stripes. She has red complexion, yellow scleras and black pupils in her eyes, and long black eyelashes that reach over the edges of her hair. She has two black horns with three thin white stripes, dark gray hair in an untidy bob style, and bangs that hide half of her right horn, much like her mother. Her left cheek bears a beauty mark, and there is a gap between her front teeth.

Husk took over the typewriter, while Angel began creating noise with various things. The other gorillas quickly followed suit. Angel removed the horn from a phonograph. What the heck is this? he wondered. Angel flung the horn to the side, where it fell on Baxter's trunk. When he blew, it sounded like a trumpet. Sure thing, Baxter! Angel yelled. Come on, lads! We need to put everything together!

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