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Ganyu Genshin Impact No Background

Aether basically creates a groupchat and invites people who aren't in the class for which he needs homework answers. So, what is he going to do? Increase the number of people because it's the smart thing to do. It most emphatically isn't. Welcome to a world of chaos, with a dash of angst thrown in for good measure, because we can't have nice things here. However, fluff and whatever the middle ground is will reign supreme in this fic, so don't worry. This fic will cover sensitive topics, and TWs will be added to the chapters that require them.

Ningguang Information Ningguang Each Tianquan adds his or her own interpretation and amendments to Liyue's founding laws. The current one, Ningguang, does it with unrivaled efficiency, but her efficacy draws a lot of criticism. It's always easier to criticize than to tolerate, I suppose. Shenhe Information on Shenhe I don't know her very well; I've only heard bits and pieces about her from Cloud Retainer. She's said to be quite ferocious, according to what I've heard. When her temper flares, she has a habit of obliterating everything in her path. I'm wondering if she's simply... bored. Should I... Should I suggest some work to keep her busy?

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