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Maritza MozaicoTheHuman created the character Maritza. With her track, Lovely, she serves as your first opponent in the mod. Appearance Maritza has red hair, some blush on her face, and dresses in a stripy pinkish red coat with darker pink-red stripes, a yellow and orange striped shirt, purple shorts, socks that match her coat, and purple shoes. She also has razor-sharp shark teeth. Trivia Maritza did, in fact, have a weapon. It's simply a large red hammer wielded in the manner of the Ice Climbers and/or King Dedede. She, like Maavo, never used it in the mod.

Appearances in Other Mods

Hex's head is shaped like a television or a monitor, with two mangled antennas on top, a black screen, and a smiling cyan face displayed on a screen. Hex has grey metal in place of skin, as well as black bolts that connect his limbs and square, flat featureless feet.

FNF Vs. Hecker, a mod for Friday Night Funkin', and his song specially composed for this battle, take on the musical challenge against Discord's most famous hacker cat. During an instant messaging conversation, Boyfriend proposed to Hecker that they compete in a song duel remotely. A singing competition will then begin, in which you must maintain the rhythm in order to beat Hecker. His music is not particularly difficult, but it is relatively long, necessitating intense concentration in order to miss as few notes as possible. Hecker is a well-known fictional character on the YouTube channel Beluga, representing a hacker who spends his time chatting on Discord. Hecker begins as an antagonist, but over the course of the videos, he transforms into Beluga's friend, frequently provoking amusing and hilarious situations.

Bamberly enjoys showing Bamburai her drawings.

Surprisingly, the Ctiles logo can be seen on the back of Bamberly's computer. Gallery Bamberly is sluggish. Bamberly as a static image Bamberly's sluggishness Bamberly's aged appearance Bamberly dives into nothing All of the Stylish Gods in one image An alternate/joke version of her sitting down with her legs open. But with a cat face, Bamberly is spinning Bamberly. Bamberly with the face of Bamburai Icons of Bamberly Icon of neutrality Icon of defeat With no prior knowledge Relationships Between Wedsens Dandi's (Brother) Age 20 Biographical information Physical characteristics Species Gender in Humans Color of Male Eyes Red Color of hair Black Iconography of Characters Appearance Wedsen wears a mostly red outfit and has black hair with two tufts sticking out. His pants are the same black as his hair, and his boots are red with two white stripes running from top to bottom, as well as white tips and soles. Wedsen is also sporting a purple console on his back. He also wears a lime green beanie with a white brim and a shirt with the same lime green as his other shirt, with the red shirt's sleeves tucked in to his elbows. Trivia Wedsen is the first character to have eyes that aren't black, and Otos is the second.

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