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Fandaniel appears as a young pale Doman Hyuran with short black hair, possessing the body of Asahi sas Brutus. The tattered white and red robes he wears while assuming his host's identity are dyed versions of the healing set of Facet gear, which are alternate versions of the Diabolic gear available at Dun Scaith, and he is uniquely dressed in the Marid Hood of Scouting. Following the appearance and demise of Lunar Bahamut, Fandaniel begins wearing the Cryptlurker's casting set dyed maroon, as well as a modified version of the Healing hood with the mask removed. When his plans to restart the Final Days were nearing completion, Fandaniel spoke in Asahi's voice before revealing his history as Amon. Fandaniel, like most Ascians, can conjure a unique red emblem in front of his face, based on Hashmal's glyph from Final Fantasy XII.

I completely rewrote the Xnalara/XPS importer-exported. Improved performance, unicode character support, binary and ascii import/export, pose import/export, and default pose support are now available. The first is the new XPS Toolshelf. It appears only in object mode, and the available options are determined by the currently selected objects. Import from the file menu or use the toolshelf for faster access. You can also change the view mode to GLSL, use shadeless materials, and reset to normal from the XPS toolshelf. Blender Importing When importing Xnalara/XPS models, bones that do not affect the mesh are moved to the armature's layer 2.

Garlemald was visited by the Final Days some time later. G'raha and his fellow Scions had arrived to assist the refugees. They were then returned to Sharlayan, where the Warrior of Light explained what they had learned in Elpis. After assisting the Forum with the aetherial engine of the Starship Ragnarok, the Scions used the Aitiascope to meet with Hydaelyn herself. She praised G'raha for his efforts to unite the people of the First during a time of despair.

Emet-Selch notices Ardbert one day while waiting for the Warrior of Light to return from their adventures. Ardbert reluctantly begins to speak to Emet-Selch with the only other person who can see him gone. He misses him more and more as he spends more time with him. He despises himself more and more as he misses him. Alternatively, the haunter has become the haunted, and the ghost is occasionally ghosted.

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