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Dream Vs Technoblade Fanart

"Okay, you four, this match will be different, it's a two Vs four," I said as I watched everyone log into the world one by one. "But there are only five of us here?" "George, Sapnap, Bad, and Techo, meet Nightmare," I say as I turn my character to face up above the trees. "Everyone, that is nightmare, my sister," a girl who looks like a female me says. "Nightmare, this is George, Sapnap, Bad, and Techo," I say as I back away as everyone looks at her. "Yeah dream, turn around," I say as I back away. "We saw you leave," Nightmare says as I switch to third person.

Dream And Technoblade Youtube Edit, Dream Technoblade, Anime Technoblade Minecraft Skins, Sgi.gene.com

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| 1556x2048 px Kait Kait On...

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