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Dragon Ken Kaneki Full Power Kagune

However, Kaneki's constant cannibalism resulted in a mutation of RC cells in his body, transforming his kagune into a kakuja. Now, this Kakuja is nothing more than a transformed and mutated version of his rinkaku kagune. This modified kagune usually clads the ghoul's body and certain parts of the ghoul's body (half kakujas) and enhances their abilities. Kaneki struggled at first to control his kakuja's shape and abilities, frequently falling into a mindless state after transforming and going berserk (as seen during his battle against Shinohara and Amon). However, he was able to use it more effectively during Tokyo Ghoul:Re, particularly during his battles with Eto Yoshimura and his final fight with Kishou Arima.

ten Big Madam

Big Madam was first introduced during the auction arc of Tokyo Ghoul, and it was revealed that she was the one who raised Juuzou Suzuya as a human pet and tortured him severely. She was one of the main targets of CCG's raid on the auction house because she had been running from CCG for quite some time.

Sachi Raised Her 3 She Was Raised By Sachi

Rize escaped at a young age because she did not want to be a womb for the Wushuu Clan. Sachi discovered her in a terrible state of mind. He, also known as Matasaka Kamishiro, took her in and cared for her. After a while, Rize considered him to be her father because they grew so close. Sachi was unfortunately captured as a result of Rize's voracious appetite.

Yes, she was the most powerful ghoul metaphorically. We must remember that Rize was Kaneki's ghoul counterpart, and her RC cells were stronger than any other Ghoul in the manga. Kaneki only had half of these RC cells, but Rize helped him become such a powerful figure. What is the identity of the one-eyed king?

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